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About Scot's Scripts

About Scot's Miva Scripts and Scot Ranney
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Scot Ranney at Hong Kong Disneyland
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Scot Ranney

Behind Scot's Miva Scripts is Scot Ranney, the lead on any web project or service we provide.

Scot started designing bulletin board systems (BBS) in the 1980's using the C family of programming languages. He then worked on customizing popular systems of the time such as Stonehenge and Citadel for his own BBS projects. When the web picked up in the early 90s', Scot decided to find a way to put his BBS's online and discovered the Miva scripting language.

Web Project Coordination and Development

Our development teams are assembled based on the needs of your project and always include the brightest and most creative forward thinkers in the field. Our teams work quickly and efficiently and enjoy opportunities to think outside the box.

We consider all project inquiries, no matter how complex or simple they might seem at first glance. Contact us for estimates.

Part of our expertise is in keeping projects on track and working with you throughout the process in a courteous and professional manner to keep things moving forward. As much as we enjoy starting projects, the real glory is in finishing them.

Examples of what we've done:

  • Domain registrar
  • Online Training and Certification systems for real estate (OTAC)
  • Various content management systems for specific industries
  • Countless Miva Merchant stores and custom modules
  • Singles matchmaking systems
  • Forums and blog content management systems
  • Facebook apps
  • Social media development and integration (login with facebook, things like that)
  • Discreet and/or sensitive projects
  • Rental and reservation system for time share and vacation rentals
  • Creating "black boxs" software libraries for other Miva developers
  • Artists social site (pre-myspace/facebook)
  • Web based image management libraries for Miva scripters
  • CMS behind LearnJazzPiano.com

Jazz Piano

Scot is also a professional jazz pianist and band leader and started his career in the late 80's. Check ScotRanney.com for information Scot's jazz piano career.

Scot's experiences as a band leader and musician have helped give him the real-world real-people perspective that many software engineers lack. Our projects reflect this and have an extra human quality in them that helps contribute to a positive end user experience all around.